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Our corporate vision is to develop our Group into a significant regional and in the long-term, a global EMS provider specialising in medium to high-end products particularly in aerospace-avionics, electronics data storage and semiconductor, and medical/life & analytical sciences; and to make further inroads into the semiconductor industry.

To maintain a well-diversified base of industry-markets and to expand our customer base

We will endeavour to strengthen our position in our industry-markets particularly in Asia and USA.

Maintaining a diversified base of industry-markets provides business stability should there be a downturn in any of these industries. Our thrust is to increase our penetration of each of such industry-markets, as well as to get a bigger share of the EMS outsourcing requirements of our existing customers.

To expand our geographical operations in strategic locations

Most of our existing and target customers have global scope of operations and are thus likely to source EMS providers of our type on a regional/global basis. We will continue to expand our operations in existing locations and/or in other countries which have distinct locational advantages; e.g. in terms of cost and quality of labour, other operating costs and efficiencies, technology resources, cost of property and proximity to markets and/or to concentration of international marketing offices.

To strengthen our price competitiveness through continuous improvements in our cost and operating efficiencies

Our aim is to enhance our price competitiveness and profitability whilst ensuring the quality and performance reliability of our products and services through sustained diligent efforts to achieve more costs and operating efficiencies in our manufacturing, marketing and administrative operations. With our ongoing expansion to address both increase in orders as well as in line with our aggressive marketing thrust, we expect to achieve significant economies of scale.

To continue to strengthen our execution systems and capabilities, and manufacturing technologies

Our growth, development and expansion will continue to be anchored by our strong execution foundation. Enhanced execution efficiencies are expected to ensue from our sustained proactive approach of continuously evaluating our business operations and manufacturing equipment and facilities for improvements/streamlining. We will continuously endeavour to ensure our technological competitiveness and apply where deemed vital, global technology advances in our business activities.

To provide a comprehensive and integrated range of products and services

We will undertake to further expand our broad range of product and service offerings, and provide more synergies where possible. We can thus be an even more vital manufacturing partner to our existing and prospective customers by providing more extensively for their manufacturing requirements, and thus have more coverage of their manufacturing value chain.

To emphasise our commitment to high quality standards, service reliability and consistency

Such commitment has entrenched us in our current position as an EMS provider, servicing major OEMs/MNCs in medium to high-end applications wherein the standards of quality and service reliability, as well as consistency are critical/not easily achieved by other EMS providers. Our increasing businesses with some market leaders in their respective industries are a testament to their level of confidence in us.

We will continue to build on this competency to secure more business and strengthen our relationships with our existing customers, and to generate businesses from new customers.

To pursue related business opportunities for growth and development

We will explore and pursue business opportunities which would contribute to our corporate growth and development, e.g. branching into related business areas in the EMS industry and related industries, expanding our geographical and industry markets, geographical base of operations and supply chain networks, enhancing our technological capabilities, and expanding our production capacities. We will look into business acquisitions, joint ventures and/or set-up of new businesses.

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